Problem with Nauta Flexible Tanks

Problem with Nauta Tanks     Paul Lemmer at RIB’s Ltd has mentioned that the same tanks we use have been used in helicopters (?!) for long haul journeys with no problems. He’s specifically asked if people are using higher octane fuels, additives (have already mentioned this is against the rules) and what brand of […]

old mahogany dock box

Wooden dock box In the mid 1950s, my father bought an old mahogany dock box, that was old and beat up when he got it. So I figure it was from the 1940s or even 30’s. I saw it every where my mom lived until her death and I got it. I started stripping it and […]

Charged batteries and windlasses

Anchorlift MR1212C windlass Charged batteries and windlass Three big batteries will more than handle the load. The windlass runs at 120 feet per minute, and we rarely have more than 100 feet of rode out. It’ll be a similar load to cranking a car starter for 30 seconds, except with three batteries plus an alternator […]

Suggestions on kayaks

Suggestions on kayaks I have a Jackson which I like. I am plannin on gettin another someday soon, most likely something other than Jackson. Nothing wrong with them just want to try out something different. I thought I wanted a Wilderness Ride but was surprised how heavy they are. Don’t think I could load one […]

Chris Craft

Chris Craft Love Chris Craft 962 small ski boat You made me smile as I had a 283 CC engine in my 1962 small ski boat by Chris Craft was my very first owned boat that my father did not buy me and my brothers. I had just married and returned home to a 1962 […]

Marine Solar panels and systems

Solar panels and systems   The US Marine Corps tests prototypes of the new (MAPS) Marine Austere Patrolling System which features an advanced solar panel and a water filtration system. read more The Marine Corps has taken this long to develop such a system. I have used solar panels and water filtration system for my […]

Boat accessories

Gear and boat accessories Now that we’re in the thick of boat show season, hopefully you’ve had the chance to climb aboard some hot new models and discover the “cool” factor. This is when a special feature makes you say, “wow.” It’s not always something big, either. Often, it’s small items, such as an iPod […]